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Professional carpet cleaning can brighten up your premises today! Carpet cleaning imparts a great look to a living space or office. We offer excellent customer service and have a sensitive approach to cleaning your home or your office. Let our professional carpet cleaning staff leave you with peace of mind, as they leave your premises looking great!. Why not try our upholstery cleaning service too? Treat your upholstered furniture to a brighter look: it will help to prolong the life of these materials. Dirt and grime not only lower the visual tone of a room; but can also start to 'eat into' materials if left unclean for too long. Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Manhasset, NY offers an excellent and efficient service at reasonable prices. Call us now for a free quote!


If it's tile and grout cleaning you need, give us a shout! You'll be surprised what a difference our professional cleaning can make to floor and kitchen tiling. When dirt seeps into porous grout it can weaken and degrade the floor tiles. Save yourself from loose or chipped tiling when we leave you smiling as we polish and seal too!


Instead of the expense of new carpets, upholstery and tiles consider giving your space a 'new look' when you book our professional carpet cleaning service. We bring the same quality and enthusiasm to large and small jobs. Are there stains that have been bothering you for a while? We can help. Don't get used to looking at jaded colors! Let us put the spark back into your environment and make you feel better with our stain removal and stain protection skills. Give our Carpet Cleaning Services in Manhasset, NY a try and say goodbye to lackluster days as you reappraise: we clean to create your dream of cleaner, brighter living!