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Correct Upholstery Cleaning in Wantagh NY



What makes a room sometimes, is the furnishings. Upholstered furniture makes a statement like no other. The style and patterns of the fabric, the touch of it, and the overall design lines of the chair invites you and any guests into the room.


A strong hand vacuum or vacuum cleaner with extensions should be used weekly on upholstery sat upon frequently. Dust and soil brought in by clothes along with perspiration have a way of soaking into material. Vacuum loosens and removes the debris. After vacuuming, check for spots. Most spots happen with food spills. When a spill occurs blot up the excess liquid with a towel. Do not rub. Underneath the fabric lies foam and cotton in good quality upholstery. Wipe with plain water to remove most of the stain. What comes next depends on the type of stain and type of fabric. Look on the tags of the cushions. If it is a modern piece the furniture industry has created codes.


No matter what the tags say to make the upholstery last, it is best to clean the upholstery at least annually using a professional company. Professional upholstery cleaning sanitizes the fabric from germs, and removes allergens. Once finished they apply a protectorate chemical to keep soil from entering the fabric. Most companies offer a quote for a job. They also offer specific chemical products as well. Call professional Upholstery Cleaning in Wantagh NY and ask about your upholstery today.