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Methods of Rug Cleaning in Oyster Bay, NY




There is a wide range of the methods that can be used in cleaning carpets and dirty rugs. The method to be used is determined by the current environmental conditions and the fiber type if the carpet. In addition, the degree of carpet soiling can dictate the method to be applied for effective cleaning. The following four methods are mostly used by professionals in Rug Cleaning in Oyster Bay, NY: The method does not involve the use of water. An absorbent is sprinkled over the dirty carpet to aid in absorbing the dirt while vacuuming. A mechanical brush is used to clean the carpet by dissolving the soil found in the carpet. The residues are then vacuumed using a cleaner to clean and dry the carpet. This is the quickest method to dry a carpet after cleaning.


The method uses a cleaning product mixed with carbonated water. A bonnet (a rotating circular buffer) spreads the cleaning products over the carpet for easy cleaning. To clean the carpet, the absorbent covering found on the bonnet is used to absorb the dirt found on the carpet. This is the most common method used to clean carpets and it is considered as the most effective method among all the other methods. It entails heating water to a boiling point and later injecting under pressure to the carpet. The machine used in steam cleaning removes the dirt and moisture from the carpet through vacuuming. The method is very effective in killing bacteria that maybe found in the carpet since the method uses steam to clean the carpet. The method is also used to kill dust mites which are very common in dirty carpets.


This is the original method which is used by professional carpet cleaners. At first, a chemical substance which forms foam is spread on the soiled carpet. After the substance is well spread, uses circular motorized brushes which are used to scrub the chemical substance which helps in eventual cleaning. Shampooing is very effective in Rug Cleaning in Oyster Bay, NY heavily soiled carpets.