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Professional Carpet Cleaning in Roslyn, NY


No one likes to think that they have a dirty house. You could be the most diligent cleaning, vacuuming your carpets weekly or even daily and still have dirty floors. How is that possible? Well, vacuuming only takes care of the surface of your carpet, and does not remove deep set dirt, odors and pet dander. Regular professional carpet cleaning is a quick and easy solution to help put your mind at ease and your home spotless! If someone in your family suffers from allergies, especially indoor allergies it would be worth it to investigate if your carpet may be the culprit, causing more frequent flareups of symptoms. Pet owners should be especially wary of this, since pet odors and dander are a leading irritant for indoor allergy suffers, and the build up can cause even a healthy person to develop breathing problems and distress.


A little known fact is that with many carpet manufacturers, you have to have Professional Carpet Cleaning in Roslyn, NY every year (proven with a receipt or invoice). If you want to have your carpet replaced by taking advantage of your manufacturer's warranty, you most likely won't be able to if you can't prove that you have done everything you can to care for and maintain the product. Steam cleaning yourself also will not count.


It is not well known to home owners, but improper care to your carpets can lead to toxic molds growing down at the bottoms of your carpet fibers, which cannot be seen or even reached with conventional cleaning methods. Even worse, if you try to steam clean your carpets yourself and oversaturate them, you can actually cause the mold to grow beneath the carpet itself, leading to a larger and more serious health hazard. Call our Professional Carpet Cleaning in Roslyn, NY today.