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Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning in Jericho, NY


Grout and tile are often things that are overlooked in the home until they become noticeably dark and stained. Regular maintenance is important even before it darkens, as this means that dirt has been accumulating deep into the grout and tile. When this happens, bacterial growth begins. Grout is a porous material that absorbs dirt and grime over time.  Special cleaning agents formulated specifically for tile and grout. They are designed to remove sealant, color-changing soap scum, and dirt. After a deep, effective clean, our Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning in Jericho, NY will then rinse everything away with a high-pressure water system.


After your tile and grout have been cleaned and rinsed, shining like new, our experts will then need to seal them for a long-lasting finish. Water and solvent based sealing solutions are used to penetrate the surface of tile and grout. The solvents will repel water and oil, keeping out dirt and scum. Just like carpet, tile and grout need regular maintenance to prevent irreversible damage, and to keep your home looking new. Frequent cleanings will provide longer lasting durability, saving homeowner’s money long term. Areas with high traffic, kids, or pets especially need routine cleanings.


Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning in Jericho, NY is the best way to keep your tile and grout sparkling and durable. Regular home cleaning products generally contain acidic components that compromise sealant, allowing dirt to seep through and stain. When this happens, it becomes much more difficult to reverse the damage. In between professional maintenance, we recommend using a gentle, PH balanced cleaning agent, such as warm water and dish soap to clean your tile and grout. Use a small amount of dish soap- a tablespoon to one gallon of water should be sufficient for mopping. Always remember to rinse after mopping, to prevent any soap build up that could break down sealants over time.