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As most of us know from experience, anything made from fabric can shrink, and your carpet is no exception. Indeed, as carpeting is composed of fibers, it does have the possibility of shrinking if not maintained properly. Carpet shrinking usually occurs with the jute backed Wilton and Axminster carpets. In these cases, if your carpet becomes wet the jute backing begins to shrink, like any other fabric.


The major factor in carpet shrinkage is exposure to liquid. This is a major reason why it is imperative you utilize Professional Carpet Cleaning in Roslyn, NY to handle your carpet cleaning needs, as they will have commercial grade carpet cleaning equipment which is designed to remove excess water, even down to the jute backing. If you decide to do it yourself with a wet/dry Shop Vac, or you hire a company that does not have good equipment, your carpets will remain wet after the cleaning, shrink as well as be a hot bed for bacteria and molds.


Another factor is the humidity of the room. Those who have carpeting installed in damp, high humidity areas, such as basements not only risk carpet shrinkage over time, but also mold and bacteria growth. If you have carpeting in the basement, a de-humidifier might not be a bad investment for your carpeting, as well as personal health, as it will keep the overall dampness of your basement down. Proper air circulation is another important factor, such as open windows or installing ceiling fans. Your carpet is a big investment, and once it shrinks, it can never be returned to its original size. As such, hiring Professional Carpet Cleaning in Roslyn, NY is essential for the health and well being of you and your carpet.