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Tile and Grout Cleaning in Oyster Bay, NY


Tile and grout surfaces are durable and easy to maintain. They are popular today for way beyond the traditional bathroom walls - on kitchen, foyer and bathroom floors and often in other rooms, too.


As with other surfaces, ongoing maintenance is required. Tiled floors are usually high-traffic areas and need constant sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. Sadly, this does not keep tile and grout surfaces looking the way they did when they were first installed. The grout especially is impossible to keep pristine. It slowly absorbs dirt and becomes quite drastically discolored. Tile and grout cleaning can be accomplished using retail products and the recommended toothbrush but the results don't really live up to the time and sore knees put into them. Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning in Oyster Bay, NY is what you really need. Expert technicians can do a much better job than you can do with your limited resources. They will bring that bright and clean look back to your floors and tiled walls and counters.


Forget the toothbrush. An emulsifying pre-spray will be applied to the surface and allowed to penetrate for about a quarter of an hour to loosen up the grime that the tile and grout have absorbed. Then the surface is power-scrubbed with a special bristle brush, with extra scrubbing applied to the edges and the grout lines. The water and dirt are then extracted using a heavy duty extraction system, the entire area rinsed with hot water, which is also extracted, and then dried using a high-velocity air mover to dry it quickly. Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning in Oyster Bay, NY is best finished by applying a sealer to prevent the pore openings in the grout from absorbing dirt and grease and making them much easier to keep clean. A tough job made much easier.