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Top professional carpet cleaning in Jericho, NY


Isn’t stepping on a spotless floor a treat? It is one of the most underrated bare necessities. But who has the time to sweat through the tedious routine in order to get that clean floor? I don’t, do you? But worry not- there is a plethora of units offering Professional carpet cleaning services. You know where to invest your hard earned $100. And believe me; your money will not be wasted! The service does not necessarily cost a hundred dollars. The size of the hole in your pocket depends on the size of your house and how many rooms you need to be cleaned. But it's money well spent; it gives you that new carpet smell admired by all and sundry. Not to mention the health benefits those come along.  


There are several ways with which professional carpet cleaning in Jericho, NY is done, and you have the luxury to choose the best option for your sweet home. The carpet is applied with a pre-spray, agitated with vacuum wands and rinsed with hot water to remove soap and dirt. The cleansing agent depends on the nature of the carpet fiber. A biodegradable cleaning compound is spread over the surface of the carpet and is scrubbed in to the fibers of the carpet. Dirt components get attracted to this compound and are vacuumed off.


Cleaning compound crystals dissolve and absorb dirt and are removed using a vacuum rotary cleaner. This method makes the carpet pretty! A round buffer (bonnet) scrubs the mixture. It has an adsorbent spin pad that the soil gets stuck to. Carpet is cleaned with a wet shampoo using rotary machines tailed by vacuuming. So, move on from the days of carpets gone brown, put your best foot forward. Call our professional carpet cleaning in Jericho, NY if you have any questions.