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Wool Carpet Cleaning in Nassau County Long Island NY| Wool rug Cleaning Manhasset NY|Wool rug Cleaning in Great Neck NY

This video shows a carpet cleaning technition cleaning wool wall to wall carpet using a rotovac 360 rotary extraction tool. These rotary tools are very good for heavily soiled carpets, because they scrub,vacuum and rinse the carpets all in one motion. We were at two homes cleaning wool rugs. The first wool rug cleaning was in Manhasset NY, we cleaned wool rugs in the customers home and cleaned their fringes on their oriental area rugs. The next stop was wool wall to wall carpet cleaning in Great Neck NY. This house had white wool carpets. We cleaned the wool carpets with our All Natural wool cleaning products. Both jobs the wool carpets and rugs came out clean and dried nice and soft. If you would like a free consultation please call us @ 516-342-5692

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